Royal Vision capital (RVC)

Royal Vision asset management has turned into a fast-growing, multi-awarded and industry recognized exclusive boutique Alternative Fund manager, which has pioneered a new investment strategy – the Two Brain System which is an optimal blend of a computer based intelligent quant model and a result driven team of experienced professionals

Two Brain System

Computer Brain

Assembly of models

Strategy Array

Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence

Human Brain

Assessment and Execution

User Experience

The computer brain or AIA (Artificial Intelligent Assistant)

AIA is an industry’s first true form of a virtual trading assistant, which is holding unparalleled skills in numerical modeling, pattern recognition, research, self-learning, control, record keeping and final advising

Eliminating all inferior human capabilities, such as slow analytic thinking, limited research, concentration, emotional self-control and disposition, and advisory bias. It covers a completely new approach to trading endeavors, where the technology is not the final executor of the trade, but rather smartly assist the experienced professional traders to add human intuition in reaching risk mitigation stability and in achieving a superior alpha with controlled annualized volatility

The human brain adding human intuition

Each trader is a market specialist, with on average 10 years of screen-time experience

The Two Brain strategy is leveraging the advantages of intraday trading, where positions are not affected by the possibility of radical unpredicted market changes or negative overnight news

The strategy can be applied to any high liquid market with order book access, currently applied on US and European equity indexes. Trading instrument is normally the Future contract of these markets or ETF’s