• As HNWI, families and endowments accumulate liquid assets, they face the challenge of how to manage this wealth. This is often the first reason why they tend to setup a dedicated Investment Offices

  • A high-performing investment office reaches beyond the wealth management role. It is a key entity within the organizations that supports the long-term strategy of sustainability and capital growth

  • It also maintains the governance needed to control the assets diversifications and provides education for governed bodies and facilitate asset monitoring and performance indicators

  • Investment management can do through insourcing or outsourcing approach based on the managed Asset value and the operation cost

  • RVW support HNWI, families and endowments by an outsourcing wealth management advisory program to minimize the operation cost, implement governance and achieve Asset allocation and monitoring objectives

Wealth Planning

  • Evaluation of the overall financial situation

  • Determining risk profiles and investment horizons

  • Supporting banking relationships

  • Providing due diligence on investments

  • Determining the investment objectives and philosophy of the organization

  • Strategic Asset allocation — determining mix of assets that is perfectly suits client’s investment objectives and needs

  • Managing liquidity


It is important to start the initial discussion with the HNWI, families and endowments to understand their long-term needs and objectives. Such an exercise is very helpful in capturing the wishes and vision as well as informing the management so they can develop a long-term investment strategy that it aims to meet it. Our services in that area includes the following:

1. Development of the Investment policy statement that meet client needs and objectives:
  • Analyze business and portfolios
  • Recommend prudent diversification
  • Understand and manage wealth growth and financial dependence
  • Help them develop plans to grow financial wealth, build internal talents
2. External Investment Manager Search and Selection:
  • Identify investment managers: our program will assist our clients to identify the most suitable investment managers according to their investment requirements
  • Due diligence and gathering in-depth information: we will design a comprehensivequestionnaire, based on the client’s requirements
  • Make relevant and detailed comparisons of investment managers: we will collate,check and analyses the information gathered from the investment managers and provide you will be detailed, comparisons and analysis
  • Assist with short-listing of investment managers: we will present the results of the review and fully explain our analysis and findings
  • Organize and run final presentations (beauty parade) once you have selected the finalists we communicate with both successful and unsuccessful investment managers and organize the formal presentations


1. Business and financial advisory:
Beyond the asset management advisory, we will also provide advisory services on financing and business promotion
Which includes the following:
  • ADebt syndication
  • Equity financing
  • Structured financing
  • Private equity
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Management buyouts
  • Business development
2. Risk management Services:
This is a service that has assumed a more important role in recent years because of the financial crisis and the subsequent fallout. It will be a crucial service for family offices and endowments in the future as well. these services will include:
  • Risk analysis, measurement and reporting.

  • Evaluation of existing policies
  • Make relevant and detailed comparisons of investment managers: we will collate,check and analyses the information gathered from the investment managers and provide you will be detailed, comparisons and analysis
  • Evaluation of security options for clients and property

  • Protection of assets, which could involve the use of offshore accounts
  • Development of strategies to ensure hedging of concentrated investment positions


The family offices and endowments are a strategic vehicle for enterprising stakeholders to achieve their important goals, from wealth building, to talent development and social impact among others. However, many family offices and endowments perform suboptimally, do not understand their role or their potential role in the organizations, and never survive based on this culture

We assist organizations to design, setup and strengthen their structure and determine its appropriate role in the system. Our governance services include:
  • Setup of a new structure or strengthen an existing structure
  • Define the overall purpose and role of the stakeholders, and the organization current and future needs and expectations
  • Design the organizational structure
  • Design and implement an effective governance model, decision-making process, and reporting process
  • Identify the leadership profile and talent needs for both organization and investment committees
  • Achieve operational efficiency, including clarity around its clients, scope of services, staffing, pricing, cost and time allocation, procedures, technology, software, and reporting
  • Performance metrics and measurement for the investment portfolios
  • Succession planning towards sustainability Periodic audit, assessment and efficiency check of the organization
  • Revisit your organization governance strategy over time to consider revised objectives, changing structure dynamics, the sale of assets and more. It is important to establish a governance plan, but it shouldn’t remain static. Rather, it should evolve and grow – just like your structure and needs

You can Always customize and tailor your program based in on your situation, needs and cost