The Investment objective with developed Two Brain System strategy is to deliver double digit net alpha to investors on 12 rolling months, with low volatility and strict risk management implemented at every position.


+ 4.91 %


+ 10.33 %

All Time

+ 28.50 %

Risk Management

In order to ensure that uncertainty does not deflect the endeavour from the Investment objective, we have created a two-part risk safety check. The first part sits at the core of the Two Brain System and the second part in the Intelligent Fund itself

Algorithm Risk Management

Firstly, the algorithm acts on constant adjustments of fund allocation, resulting from real-time, adapting technical analysis models of current market conditions. Therefore, the algorithm is able to find markets which offer a generation of high alpha at low risk. Secondly, portfolios are continuously evaluated on the basis of riskto-reward characteristics with tactical weighted data, which is then offered to our team of experts, who direct the final trading decisions.

Team of Experts in Risk Management

With years of experience in the industry, the experts offer a human angle and act as trading decision supervisors, who not only assess the importance of a specific trade within risk parameters, but also have the final word on whether the trade will be executed. All fund portfolios follow a strict value-at-risk management model, which was proven in all relevant markets throughout many years.

Net Asset Value Risk Management

Risk criteria of the Intelligent Fund smartly involve maximum risk of each individual portfolio positioning in reference to net asset value, and maximum risk of fund exposure. The latter was designed as to not exceed a total cumulative risk of 10% of effective net asset value, with a position limiter of maximum 1 % and daily limiter of maximum 3% exposure. The remaining net asset value balance is segregated at top tier banks worldwide

Intraday Trading Risk Management

The Intelligent Fund quantitative strategy is leveraging the advantages of intraday trading, where positions are not affected by the possibility of radical unpredicted market changes or negative overnight news that have the potential to materially impact the price of a security.

Investment eligibility

Professional Investors and Licensed Regulated Institutions (Individuals, Companies, Partnerships, Corporations, Trusts)

1,000,000 US $

Standard Investment


Profit Calculations



2.9 % at entry

Subscription Fee

0.125 % /month

Management Fee

0 %

Exit Fee


Offering Documents

1 week

Setup Time

1st day of the month

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Worldwide (Except US)

Client Geography

Royal Vision Intelligent Fund


Professional Regulated Fund

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Ernst & Young Middle East & North Africa (Dubai branch)


Citibank New York, USA / Interactive Brokers, USA

Administrator & Transfer Agent

Harney Westwood & Riegels

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Advanced quantitative strategy

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Two Brain System (Intellectual Property of RVG)

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